Granite Worktops

Aberia stonemasons provide a full granite kitchen worktop design, templating and installation service across London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and the Home Counties.

Granite stone is typically hardest of the dimensional stones and can effectively withstand the vagaries of nature - it is quite literally as old as the earth..! Granite tiles are perfect for use in residential and commercial flooring applications. Granite Slabs are ideal for fabricating granite counter tops, flooring, retaining walls and landscaping around a centre fountain/pond.

Aberia can also offer a wide range of kitchen worktop profiles and finishes. Browse and scroll through the swatches below to see the range of styles and colours available to choose from for your perfect Granite kitchen worktop. Then call us to discuss your project and get your Free Quote - or fill out the form on the left and we'll call you back...

African Red

African Red Polished

Amba White

Angolan Black

Angolan Blue

Angolan Gold

Azul Macaubas

Azul Platino

Angolan Silver

Aran White

Azul Aran

Azul Bahia

Azul Bahia 2

Azul Macauba

Azul Platino

Azul Platino IM

Balmoral Red

Baltic Brown

Baltic Green

Barre Grey

Bethel White

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico 2

Bianco Cotton

Bianco Cristall

Bianco Iberico

Bianco Sardo

Black & Gold Marinace

Black & White Marinace

Black Forest

Black Galaxy

Black Ice

Black Marinace

Black Mosaic

Black Pearl

Blanco Cristal

Blue Bahia

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes 2

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl GT

Blue Star

Bohus Grey

Bon Accord

Bros Blue

Brown Pearl


Cambridge White


Carmen Red

Carmen Red 2

Coffee Brown

Coffee Pearl


Coloneal Cream

Colonial Cream 2

Cosmic Black

Costa Smeralda

Crema Delicatus CM

Dakota Mahogany

Dakota Mahogany Red

Delicatus Yellow

Emerald Black

Emerald Green

Emerald Pearl 2

Emerald Pearl Extra



Giallo Antico

Giallo Florito

Giallo Light

Giallo Ornamentall

Giallo Sf Real

Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano 2

Golden Eclipse

Green Bamboo

Green Peace


Imperial White

Indian Black

Iron Red

Itaunas Pannafragola MP

Juparana California

Juparana Colombo

Juperana Colombo 2

Juperana Persa

Juparana Rio

Kashmir Madura Gold

Kashmire Gold

Kashmir Gold

Kashmire Gold Exotica

Kashmire White

Kashmire White 2

Kerala Green


Kuru Grey

Labrador Antique

Labrador Antique 2

Labrador Australe

Labrador Black

Labrador Blue Pearl TFV

Lady Dream

London White

Luna Pearl

Madre Perola

Marron Coheiba

Matrix motion

Moon Rock

Moulin Rouge

Namibia White

Namibian Gold

Nero Assoluto

Nero Impala

New Imperial

New Venetian Gold

Olive Green

Orissa Blue

Oro Brazil


Panna Fragola


Paradiso Bash

Paradiso Classico

Pearl Anglais

Prada Gold

Red Dragon

Rosa Beta

Rosa Limbara

Rosa Porrinho

Rosa Porrino


Rossa Porrino

Rosso Balmoral

Rosso Marinace

Rosso Multicolor

Royal Mahogany

Samantha Blue

Saphire Blue

Saphire Brown

Savana Green


Serizzo Antigorio

Serizzo Indram


Sierra Chica

Silver Cloud

Soft Green

Soladite Blue

Solar White


Star Galaxy


Steel Grey

Sunset gold


Swedish Mahogany


Tropial Gem

Tropic Brown

Tropic Brown 2


Verde Bitterfontein

Verde Eucalipto

Verde Fiorito

Verde Fontain

Verde Fontaine Classico

Verde Fontein

Verde Lavras

Verde Marina

Verde Marinace

Verde Maritaka

Verde San Francisco

Verde Savannah

Verde St. Francisco

Verde Ubatuba

Verde Ubatuba 2


Viscount White

Vizag Blue

Volga Blue

Volga Blue 2

Wild West Green